The page you’re about to read is this blogger’s way of trying to get round the problems and the stress of writing his own biography. Meaning he’s not all that good at talking about himself, especially when he’s aware that he’s talking about himself in the third-person. That’s perhaps not very helpful, but I would argue that on any blog a writer’s About page is probably the very last thing you’re going to read. You’re not likely to stumble across a website by accident; you’re likely looking for something. Which means you probably got directly to the article you were looking for through Google or another search engine or by clicking a link somewhere. So you’re going to read that blog first. And then, if you’re like me and you like what you just read, you’ll pick out some other stuff that looks interesting. Depending on how successful the other stuff is you’ll then either back out and go somewhere else or you’ll read through all the author’s other work. Maybe once you’ve exhausted that you’ll find your way to the About page. Maybe.

What I’m saying here is that if you’re reading this page, the blog has likely already done its job. If, somehow, you got here first, I apologise profusely.


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