Chris Rock and the Oscars

Using comedic racial stereotypes to highlight racial inequality is always fraught and problematic. The success of the joke comes down to whether your audience gets the irony. But when it comes to racial stereotypes, there’s often too much emotion involved; and when there’s too much emotion involved, people don’t tend to be at their clearest or most reasoned.

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Some Serious Thoughts About David Cameron and Pigs’ Heads

Yesterday we found out that David Cameron did — or did not — once put his personal member in a dead pig’s head. On hearing the news the Internet predictably broke. Memes like the one at the top of this blog appeared everywhere. People made pulled pork jokes. Twitter was just happy it got to coin another trending hashtag*. Google searches got to ‘Dav–‘ before they auto-finished with ‘–id Cameron Pig’. Ed Miliband’s infamous bacon sandwich resurfaced (not literally). Most of the UK’s national newspapers got the chance to pretend they’re still relevant. And everyone felt pretty pleased and self-satisfied and good about themselves. Except, presumably, David Cameron. And the pig.

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